About me

I arrived in Lamotte-Beuvron  in my early teens.  I remember it as a charming, if sleepy, little town, the sort of community where everyone knows each other, and kids' mischief is promptly reported to their parents.  It was fun growing up there, enjoying the countryside, riding our bikes in the woods, fishing, taking a dip in the ponds, playing pranks, and occasionally crossing into orchards to pick fruit that looked just too good to leave to the birds.

I left Lamotte-Beuvron to pursue my education, eventually landing in America where I have spent most of my life.  I occasionally return there to visit friends and family.  Under the guidance of its dynamic mayors, including my friend, Patrice Martin-Lalande, now the local MP, the town has managed to shake off some of its sleepiness, but none of its charm.  The tarte Tatin has become big business , featured in almost every bakery and restaurant across town and in neighboring villages.  With so many hopefuls dreaming to take on the mantel left by Fanny and Caroline, tarte-making has risen to lofty standards.  Visitors can readily enjoy excellent samples of the famous dessert, which this website will hopefully help them recreate at home.  Thanks for visiting.

Bernard Munos

Old pictures from Lamotte-Beuvron